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North East and North Cumbria Learning and Improvement Community Network

To tackle the challenges we have and to bring about the changes to people’s lives that are needed, it’s essential that our health and care system is a place where continuous improvement and learning is at the heart of all we do and the way in which we work.

At our inaugural meeting of our learning and improvement community, held on 21 September, there was a clear commitment and enthusiasm in the room for change and to move at pace to share learning and work collectively across health and care to support those who need help the most at a time when they need it most.

You can view our highlights video from our first meeting here

You can read our reports from events below:

Developing our Engagement and Involvement Strategy

Update: 7 June 2022

Thank you to everyone who has shared their views, given feedback, and got involved in discussions and debates about how our Involvement Strategy should develop.

As the biggest Integrated Care System in England we want to start as we mean to go on, in a way which shows we have involved and listened to the views of people using and working in our services, those groups the NHS already has relationships with, our communities and our partners.

We shared our guiding principles. They were:

·       Continuing the great work happening with people, communities, partners

·      Strengthening partnership working at a region wide level

·      Seizing opportunities to innovate

We asked if we were on the right track and what was missing and you gave your feedback, and here is our analysis.

We reviewed and considered what we had heard and went back out to test our priorities and approach with partners.

You can read that analysis here, with the more detailed report available here.

So now we are sharing our first draft of the approach we plan to take, and we hope you can see your feedback reflected in this framework.

It is not set in stone. If you take the time to read it through we would like to hear your views on:

  • Is it right in approach?
  • What have we missed?
  • How can you help us deliver it?

This is a summary of our approach and ambitions.

View our easy read version of our strategy here.

View the full strategy below. 

You can share your feedback here.

We would like to keep you up to date with local health and social care engagement activities undertaken by NHS colleagues and their organisational partners, at ‘neighbourhood’ and ‘place’ levels where this is more local to you. If you are happy for us to share your contact details with our colleagues, please supply your details:

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