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Learning disabilities and autism

What we are doing

We are supporting and leading work to transform services for people with a Learning Disability and autistic people. We are focused on reducing the reliance on inpatient hospital beds through developing an enhanced approach to place based support, building flexible, personalised and responsive community services that promote early intervention and preventative support, as well as improving overall health outcomes and reducing health inequalities for people with a Learning Disability and autistic people right across the region.

Our priorities

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Best start in life

Priorities Icon 2

Valued families

Priorities Icon 3

Living well with good support

Priorities Icon 4

Good health for longer lives

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Good care and treatment in specialist hospitals

ICB Learning Disability and Autism Programme Team Priorities

  • Building the Right Support, Homes not Hospital
  • Improving Quality Standards
  • Improving Health Outcomes

Who is involved

Senior Responsible Officer: Levi Buckley

Transformation Director Mental Health Learning Disabilities and Autism: Kate O’Brien

Deputy Director of Transformation for Learning Disabilities and Autism: Linda Reiling

Learning Disability & Autism Awareness Mandatory Training

In July 2022 the Health and Care Act 2022 introduced a requirement that CQC registered health and care service providers ensure their workforce receive training on learning disability and autism which is appropriate to the person’s role.

Support for autistic people in Newcastle

Get involved

For more information contact: england.cne-transformingcare@nhs.net


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