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Media enquiries

For media enquiries related to the ICB, please contact:

Ben Landon – ben.landon@nhs.net 

Lee Hansom – lee.hansom@nhs.net  

Elaine Barclay – elaine.barclay7@nhs.net 

Simon Clayton – simonclayton@nhs.net 

For media enquiries outside of normal office hours, at weekends or public holidays please contact the on call officer, details are available on the NECS website under media enquiries. 

Please choose your local area below


Local website www.nenc-countydurham.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-cd.enquiries@nhs.net


Local website www.nenc-newcastlegateshead.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-ng.enquiries@nhs.net


Local website www.nenc-newcastlegateshead.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-ng.enquiries@nhs.net


Local website www.nenc-northumberland.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-nor.enquiries@nhs.net

North Cumbria

Local website www.nenc-northcumbria.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-cu.enquiries@nhs.net  

North Tyneside

Local website www.nenc-northtyneside.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-nt.enquiries@nhs.net

South Tyneside

Local website www.nenc-southtyneside.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-styn.enquiries@nhs.net


Local website www.nenc-sunderland.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-sun.sccg@nhs.net

Tees Valley

Local website www.nenc-teesvalley.icb.nhs.uk

Email nencicb-tv.enquiries@nhs.net 

For all other general enquiries

You can contact us by

Email: necsu.nenc-icb.contactus@nhs.net

Freedom of information requests

Please click here for further information

Compliments and complaints

We welcome feedback about NHS services, both positive and negative. If you are unhappy with the treatment or service you, a relative or someone you care for has received from your local NHS, you have the right to make a complaint, have it looked into and get a response. Within the NHS we aim to make sure all complaints are handled well and that appropriate action is taken in order to try and resolve the matter to the complainant’s satisfaction. Find out more here.

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