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Population health and prevention

What we are doing

We’re collaborating across services and locations to improve health and reduce health inequalities which can vary significantly between communities in the North East and North Cumbria.

Our approach to this work is to increase public awareness on living healthy and well, developing screening to better prevent, detect and manage the biggest causes of premature death and continuing to reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption. We're also developing the workforce to make every contact count.

A board has been established for this workstream to maximise the benefits of working at scale across the region.

Our priorities

  • Reduce tobacco addiction and ensure a smoke-free NHS across the region by 2030.

  • Reduce alcohol related harm.

  • Support people in developing a sense of control and resilience in relation to their health and wellbeing.
  • Best start to life.

Reducing alcohol-related harm

Alcohol-related harm is estimated to cost the NHS in England £3.5 billion every year. Alcohol has been identified as a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions, including several cancers, liver disease, heart disease and some mental health conditions .

Reducing alcohol-related harm has been identified as one of the priorities of the ICS Prevention Board. The ICS Alcohol Steering Group drives forward the alcohol priority workplan by identifying and facilitating opportunities for the ICS to work with partners to reduce the harms of alcohol.

Who is involved

Senior Responsible Officers:
Dr Guy Pilkington, Newcastle Gateshead CCG
Professor Peter Kelly, Public Health England
Amanda Healy, Durham County Council
Dame Jackie Daniel, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

For general enquiries please email: Claire.mills21@nhs.net

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