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Involving and engaging partners, stakeholders and the public in planning, design and delivery of our services is a statutory responsibility for the NHS. Wherever, and whenever possible, we will include meaningful involvement as part of our work. We want people to help us design, develop and improve services by sharing their views and experiences.

The people we listen to and involve need to reflect the communities we serve. We know that many people are often not heard in our system. To ensure we meet the needs of all people, we will work creatively and in accessible ways to reach those whose voices, views and opinions are too often ignored or not sought.

There are many benefits of involving people with the work we are doing, such as…

  • It helps to improve two-way communication between patients and staff.
  • We may learn something about a service you hadn't considered.
  • It helps to develop a better understanding about different health services.
  • Improves decision making by considering different views.
  • Members of the public can have a say and help develop health-care services.
  • Feedback can contribute to improving the services we commission.

There are a range of opportunities to have your say on health and social care services across the North East and North Cumbria. Please click on the link below where it will take you to the current engagement activities, these will be updated regularly, so please check back

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