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Mental Health Awareness

Here at the North East and North Cumbria ICB, we want to raise awareness of people's mental health across our region, from people struggling with their own mental health, to offering advice and support to those who need it.

Below is a range of ways to find out information on the many types of mental health issues that we as a society face today, along with way to help improve and seek advice.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

Maternal Mental Health Awarenes is a week-long campaign dedicated to talking about mental health problems before, during and after pregnancy.

The week is all about raising public and professional awareness of perinatal mental health problems and helping people access the information, care and support they need to recover.

Mental Health Awareness Week

We marked Mental Health awareness week (13 – 19 May) supporting the Mental Health Foundation in raising awareness for mental health.

This year’s theme is movement, in moving more for our mental health. Get involved by finding and sharing your moments for movement this Mental Health Awareness Week. Join in and help to create a world with good mental health for all. 

Levi Buckley, our chief delivery officer for the ICB shares how running helps him tackle the daily stresses of life and how moving more can help support our mental health and wellbeing.

NHS 111 select mental health option

In our we region we have been preparing for the implementation of a new way for the public to access crisis mental health support through calling NHS 111 and selecting the mental health option.

More information and FAQ's about the service can be viewed below.

The Heartbeat Podcast

Focussing on all things North East and North Cumbria, healthcare and those colleagues who really inspire and provide an innovative approach to our day to day lives.

Our third episode is in support of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (April 29) and stars Angela Broadbridge who is the VCSE maternal mental health services project manager at the charity, Ways to Wellness.

Listen to the episode on Spotify here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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