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Everyone needs to live in a home that is safe, warm and dry. Sadly, in much of our region one in ten homes has at least one Category 1 hazard, such as damp, mould fall or electrical risks.

Older, colder and 'non-decent' homes are clearly linked to poor health and wellbeing, making health inequalities worse and putting additional strain on services.

We are creating a new framework so that partner organisations can work more closely together to identify where people are living in 'non-decent' homes and taking action to address these problems.

Work by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) will give us a better understanding of where these homes are, identify hot spot areas and housing types, and help us to learn from existing good practice.

This will help to target interventions more efficiently, at the same time as exploring new opportunities through technology-enabled care, such as monitoring systems to identify cold-related problems.

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