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Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

CNTW was rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission in 2016, one of the first mental health Trusts in the country to achieve this. In 2018 we were awarded this rating again.

The New Care Models, which were established as pilots, are now in their final stages of operation. This will lead to the emergence of Provider Collaboratives across the country. In the North East and Cumbria, we will see a shift from two CAMHS New Care Models (one at CNTW and one at TEWV) to a single CAMHS Provider Collaborative with the same geography as the ICS.

CNTW will be the lead provider in the collaborative, building on our work as a New Care Model pilot site over the last three years. The approach sees CNTW take responsibility for the tertiary commissioning budget and challenges the Trust to innovate and transform services in the best interests of service users and their carers and families. We anticipate going ‘live’ from April 2021.

Our New Care Model was able to develop services that led to an avoidance of over 2,200 out of area (OOA) bed days (when young people receive inpatient care outside of the Trust localities). In total, we have avoided 4,000 ‘bed days’ per year and in so doing, saved £3.5m per year for reinvestment into local services with a community focus.

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