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North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Sustainability at North Tees and Hartlepool

Our green future

As one of the largest employers in the Tees Valley, we have a responsibility to our staff, our patients and our community to play a leading role in thinking ‘green’ and making long lasting changes.

We are on an ambitious journey to achieve net zero carbon emissions as an organisation – creating sustainable healthcare for the patients of today and tomorrow by actively protecting the environment.

From initiatives as simple as investing in more recycling waste bins to more long term ones such as installing electric car charging points and solar panels – we are doing more to be the green organisation we must be.

It’s only by working together – with staff, patients and our community – that we can make the difference we need to.

The aims of our Green Plan are:

  • Reducing carbon emissions and our carbon footprint
  • Sustainable procurement of goods that can be recycled and not just single use
  • Encouraging sustainable travel and transport for staff and visitors
  • Making our clinical pathways more sustainable
  • Reducing our water consumption in key areas
  • Increase our recycling of waste
  • Work towards climate change adaptation
  • Maximise the sustainability of our building and green spaces
  • Encourage our workforce to commit to a carbon free future

So we can continue to make these changes, we have are inviting our workforce to drive this forward themselves by being involved in different special improvement work streams and by being green champions.

We have also created a green plan and a climate change adaptation plan so that we have a clear vision in place and clear targets to reach.

This is a collective push from across the organisation and beyond – to reduce our carbon footprint and to reuse and recycle more.

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