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South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

South Tees Hydrogen Fuelled Car

Meet the hydrogen-fuelled car that is powering trust’s pathology service

A BRAND new hydrogen fuel car has been loaned to South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by Toyota as part of the Teesside Hydrogen Hub Trial, a £2.5million region-wide trial testing out 100% zero-emission hydrogen-fuelled commercial and support vehicles.

The pathology department at the trust will use the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for three months to transport patient specimens.

The car is fitted with 100% hydrogen zero-emission fuel cell that emits only water when driving and will use a new refuelling station at Teesside Airport, which opened in January to serve hydrogen-powered vehicles based in the Tees Valley.

South Tees Hospital Dressings

Wound care initiative supports the environment as well as patients

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new wound care initiative which is good for both its patients and the environment.

Eligible patients at The James Cook University Hospital are being given bags to help support them, hospital staff and community teams with managing their dressings when they are discharged home.

The trial funded by Our Hospitals Charity makes it easier for patients and teams to keep their dressings and wound care together in one place while promoting continuity of care and communication between the patient, ward staff and the community teams or care homes staff.

Digital Investment

Digital investment will remove more than 5 million pieces of paper

More than £8 million is being invested in new clinical digital tools at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which will end doctors and nurses’ reliance on paper-based record keeping.

When the new range of smart technologies are fully in place, they will do away with more than 5 million pieces of paper which teams currently have to use each year for everything from recording patients’ nutrition and hydration assessments to filling in prescriptions.

The roll-out of the new smart technologies is being led by the trust’s experienced clinicians and information technology (IT) team.

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