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Meet the Hub team

The Hub team consists of a range of clinical experts, from Consultant Clinical Psychologists and Specialist Therapists, Assistant Psychologists to Mental Health Nurses.  The team also includes non-clinical staff who bring a range of expertise to ensure we deliver a high-quality service that is responsive to the needs of staff.

*Most hub team staff members have been released on a part-time basis from their primary roles*

KC Photo

Principal Psychological Therapist (Counselling Psychologist and Systemic Family Psychotherapist)

Kirsty Charlton

Amy Hall

Administration officer

Amy Hall

Lesley Armitage

Principal Psychological Therapist (Counselling Psychologist).

Lesley Armitage

Suzanne Kearney

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CAT Therapist

Suzanne Kearney

Pathway Co-ordinator

Michael Cox

James Coker

Wellbeing Practitioner

James Coker

Naomi Friel

Wellbeing Practitioner (Registered MH Nurse and IPT therapist)

Naomi Friel

Richard Duggins

Clinical Lead and Consultant Psychiatrist in Medical Psychotherapy

Richard Duggins

Meet The Team 202X300

Clinical Psychologist, Hub Clinical Director

Angela Kennedy

Natalie Rawes

Wellbeing Practitioner (Occupational Therapist)

Natalie Rawes

Gail Kay ICS Mental Health Programme Director, Project Oversight

ICS Mental Health Programme Director, Project Oversight

Gail Kay

Lyn Williams Registered Mental Health Nurse And Acute Trust Link (1)

Clinical Development/Outreach Lead (Registered MH Nurse)

Lyn Williams

Claire Chapman Social Worker And Hub Pathway Clinical Manager (1)

Clinical Manager and Acute Trust Link (Social Worker)

Claire Chapman

Zoe Smith Registered Mental Health Nurse And Hub Pathway Manager

Hub Pathway Manager (Registered Mental Health Nurse)

Zoe Smith

3 202X300

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Acute Trust Link

Sara Hudson

Cate Moorhead, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Wellbeing Practitioner (CBT Therapist)

Cate Moorhead

Meg Douglas, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Helpline Therapist (1)

Wellbeing Practitioner (Community Psychiatric Nurse)

Meg Douglas

Rachel Blount

Wellbeing Practitioner (Registered MH Nurse and CBT Therapist)

Rachel Blount

Paras Patel Senior Researcher, Biofeedback, Project Evaluation & Ambulance Link

Research Lead

Paras Patel

Kevin Meares

Consultant Clinical Psychologist (CBT Therapist and EMDR Consultant)

Kevin Meares

Angela Reay (1)

Personal assistant

Angela Reay

Charlotte Lowery

Assistant Psychologist

Charlotte Lowery

Emma Walton Hub Project Support Officer

Project Co-ordinator

Emma Walton

To contact the team, email us: hubstheword@cntw.nhs.uk

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