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Suicide prevention resources and sources of support

Guided by national policy and based on evidence of how best to prevent suicide and promote wellbeing and resilience, the aim of the North East and North Cumbria Suicide Prevention Network is to work together to take action to reduce suicide, so that fewer people die by suicide and we improve support for those affected. The Network’s key messages are:

Look after yourself – focusing on self-help support and broad mental health and wellbeing messages, we aim to help people to build resilience and to recognise when they may need more help and support.

Look out for others – we aim to help support people to have the confidence to be a listening ear for those around them, and to understand how everyone can play a part in suicide prevention.

Get help early – we aim to convey the message that suicide is preventable and that getting help early is key to ensuring more people access the support they need at the right time.

Visit the Network website www.stopsuicidenenc.org to access suicide and self-harm prevention resources and signposting to local and national sources of support for yourself or for others.

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