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Wellbeing toolkit

Videos and resources to help with your wellbeing

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I am anxious or unsettled and want to soothe or ground myself right now

Grounding using 5 senses

Video explaining grounding, and giving two exercises you can try to ground yourself in the present moment  - 8 mins.

Breathing exercises for breathlessness or anxiety 

Simple exercises to help control your breathing - 9 mins.

Grounding tips

For people with trauma reactions, though they can also help for overall wellbeing management - 6 mins.


Listen to playlists to lead you from one state of mind and body to another in the way that you choose on the Recovery College online website.

I want to energise, stretch or soothe my body, or move my body to heal my mind

NHS Fitness Studio 

Physical activity videos choose the one for you – from aerobics, dance, yoga and strengthening workouts, there's something for everyone on the NHS website.

I am adjusting to specific issues, such as new work practices, transitions, bereavement, dealing with death and exposure to trauma

Working joy at home

For those needing something to help switching off from work after your shift, a video to end the working day with - 7 mins

Being there to listen and care - around loss

This video made in partnership with Piers Lane and the Hub explores how to support your colleagues and others through bereavement, being there to listen and care around loss.  To access the video please click on the link https://youtu.be/ekCR54rAbGU

I want to learn more or find a way to help me make sense of my experience and develop my skills

Free online course available on the Recovery College Online website: Dealing with the Personal Impact of a Major Incident.

I would like to learn more about looking after myself, looking out for others, and getting help early

It's important to "look after yourself, look out for others, and get help early". The North East and North Cumbria Suicide Prevention Network, in collaboration with suicide prevention charity Every Life Matters Cumbria, has launched three animations as part of an awareness campaign.

If you, or someone you know is struggling to cope-  it's important to know there is support available.


Look after yourself - 1 min 

Look out for others - 1 min

Get help early - 1 min

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